Telephone Surveys and Research

Quality Telemarketing Surveys and Market Research

We provide services to businesses by helping them profile their market by means of telephone surveys, or telemarketing. We offer numerous types of surveying options and capabilities with detailed reporting and statistics.

Our surveys can be given and 100% branded to your business goals and efforts. Formats for conducting surveys from APS include:

  • Telephone surveys
  • Web based surveys
  • Email surveys

APS agents will conduct an interview to every prospect contacted and ask the right series of questions guaranteeing accurate responses. We practice the best techniques and assure you of effective representation. Our agents are courteous, very well organized and trained to engage in any interviewee they interact with. We assure you a positive results for a positive image to your company.

APS Telephone Survey Services are performed methodologically and thoroughly, thereby generating the complete data and results you’re expecting in the soonest possible time. Our outbound survey specialists have decades of experience executing phone surveys for companies in various industries and providing easily understandable customized reports. Our clients even have the option of receiving interpreted survey data upon completion of the survey campaign.

APS Survey and Market Reasearch Advantage:

  • High experience in completing phone surveys for leading companies of various industries
  • Quick delivery of survey results at optimal cost.
  • Comprehensive and detailed data reporting and the option of data interpretation services. We can present raw data in CSV, EXCEL, or SPSS. If you need the results in a specific format, all you need to do is email us and we will duplicate it.
  • APS is fully capable of launching an outbound survey program of any size given short notice.
  • Availability of APS phone survey specialists. Our telephone survey agents are fluent in American and British English.
  • APS Telemarketing Survey experts are trained to capture the required data completely (more “Complete Capture” surveys submitted to the client).
  • Immediate feedback.
  • Customizable and flexible survey programs.

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