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Generating Leads Which Gives Results

APS is a pioneer in offering Lead generation Process at an affordable rate without compromising on the quality. Our lead generation services are a great way to jump start the sales and generate immediate revenue for the organization. This service provides a win – win situation for both buyer and seller. The buyer calls and requests information about a product or service that they are looking for and the seller pitches their product or service with the actual seller’s approval. With APS lead generation team, the conversion rate has a high success rate.

Benefits of outsourcing lead generation to APS:

  • Organization can concentrate more on the core business
  • Increase in sales, profit and return on investment
  • Save in training cost
  • Reduced costs per new client acquisition
  • Save time for sales team
  • Seamless and dedicated representation of the company’s products and services

Survey and Research

A business moves on with two main sources – Information and feedback. Through Surveys and research, a company can get to know what consumers opine about their product and with their valuable feedback, use the data for betterment of that product. APS with its sophisticated infrastructure offers a variety of phone survey service like Phone market research, customer survey services, and customer service satisfaction surveys. Our survey team is trained effectively to collect as much valuable information as possible required for the business. With APS survey team the company can get to know its current market stand.

Telemarketing and sales

APS believes that whether an interaction starts with inbound or outbound contact, providing a great customer experience is crucial for closing more sales. Our telemarketing and sales team helps businesses get their best results. We understand our client’s business thoroughly and then partner with them and become their sales and support team. APS telemarketing team performs services like finding clients, answering customer calls personally instead of voicemails, marketing products and solutions by explaining their features and taking sales orders.

Appointment setting and scheduling

Appointment setting is a way to organize one to one meeting between the buyer and the seller. A proper appointment scheduling can ensure that the sales team spends their precious time meeting only the prospective clients from the entire probable lot. APS has a well trained team and uses online calendar to coordinate between the targeted customers and the sales team. The team handles all the calls proficiently and makes persuasive sales pitch to thousands of customers daily.

Collection services

APS collection service ensure high quality outbound collection service along with prevention of fraud in compliance with the existing laws and practices. Our dedicated collection agents act as a virtual extension of the company’s back office. Benefits of outsourcing collection services to APS:

  • Increased profit
  • Average 30 – 40% reduction in bad debts
  • Late and early stage collections
  • Customized packages

APS collection agents undergo a comprehensive training on the laws along with the best possible way to become collection experts. They understand the sensitivity of a collection call, the importance of securing a payment commitment and possess a good listening skill to know the reason of nonpayment and guide them accordingly.

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