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Outbound Call Centre Services

Enhance sales and profits with APS Outbound Call Centre Services. APS outbound call centre has a single-minded solution based on the only thing. Our highly qualified outbound mediators can provide an array of services with telesales, telemarketing and Telephone Surveys and Research solutions.

We’ll deliver you a business improvement engine with Our dedicated group of agents that kick-starts your sales strategy and can assess opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell when necessary. APS outbound call centre team are committed to growing your productivity and your sales.

Our outbound solutions start with our agents who are qualified in customer support service and techniques to sell your product .APS outbound call centre solutions is dedicated to outbound telesales & telemarketing.

APS includes B2B and B2C lead generation and appointment setting in call centre services :

We’ve built an outstanding team of motivated, educated, articulate and professional outbound call centre services representatives. Our outbound team leaders are skilled and qualified in driving high levels of performance from employees and monitoring their performance.

Our outbound call center representatives offer a combination of maturity, education and professional / sales experience unusual in the call center services industry.

Our premise-based model promotes higher quality assurance, closer work performance monitoring, better teamwork and knowledge sharing, and reinforcement of lessons learned during training sessions.

You require to take benefit of every marketing source available. Every telemarketing campaign is preceded by thorough briefing and intensive audio and video-based instruction. Our mediators and executives are familiarized with the product and services, the situations and the environment in which they are working, to ensure success of the telemarketing operation.

Clients are also given protected view-in and listen-in options which give the added advantage of transparency and excellence control. Grow your business and strengthen customer relationships while focusing on core activities and outsource telemarketing to APS.

Shouldn’t you look at the advantage APS outbound telemarketing call center service can deliver to you?


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