Virtual Assistant Support

Simplifying Your Office Tasks

APS is a boutique firm dedicated to providing business and personal virtual assistants support who are highly skilled in administrative support with the aim of providing you with that much needed time to focus in developing your business, strengthening relationships, and increasing efficiency. Our assistants can become an essential asset for you and your business’ development. For example, your virtual assistant can take care of your:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Personal tasks
  • Accounting (invoicing/collecting) and Bookkeeping
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Translations
  • Transcriptions and Meeting Notes
  • Logistics and Event Coordination
  • Customer Care (through phone or live chat)
  • Online Marketing and Social Media Assistance (Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter creation, affiliate marketing, etc.)
  • Copywriting
  • Blog, website or forum maintenance
  • Miscellaneous Writing (FAQs, articles, blogs, manuals, politics, etc.)

You will be surprised of how much we can help you with. Feel free to inquire about our expertise and knowledge.

By using our services, you’ll eliminate tedious and time-consuming administrative and marketing tasks without the costs and hassles of on-site employees. And we will guarantee you receive high quality, timely, and confidential business support.

APS Virtual Assistant Services is your one stop to simplify your life and give you more time and energy to work on the things that matter most to you.

Benefits With Us

  1. No Costs on Employee Recruitment
  2. No Costs on Office Infrastructure
  3. No Pay Roll Compensation/Salary
  4. No Provident Fund (PF) Pay Out
  5. No Bonus Pay
  6. No Leave Travel Compensation
  7. No Superannuation or Retirement Benefits
  8. No Insurance Pay Out


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