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Third Party Verification

Third Party Verification systems are fast gaining popularity among the buyers and sellers, transacting over the telephone. Providing proof of transactions, the recorded voice authorizations are authenticated by third party verification.

At APS, we ensure the results of our high quality verifications are delivered immediately and accurately. To this effect, we have a skilled operation team that works with the staff of different companies, as required throughout the day.


Kinds of Third Party Verification Programs

We, at APSs offer the following types of Third Party Verification (TPV) programs to our customers:

  • Open Air TPV : Under this program, the agent calls in and reads from a script that has been prepared for the type of product/service that is being sold. The whole conversation, wherein the agents ask the customer questions, is recorded.
  • Automated TPV : With this type of TPV, the series of pre-recorded questions and the touch tone or voice responses to each question are recorded by an automated attendant.


Exclusive Features of Our Services
  • Inbound & Outbound - We are fully equipped to immediately verify your calls via a conference call and to call your customer promptly, on receiving the order information via fax, FTP, or e-mail.
  • Regular Reports - Customized reports in printed or machine-readable format, with a summary of all transactions are delivered to the customers on daily and weekly basis. These are available in any level of detail or sophistication.
  • Unique Confirmation Number - Time and Date is appended to the transaction report before the issuance of the unique confirmation number, whereupon the entire verification shall be emailed to the email of your choice.
  • Live Operator or Automated Voice Response - The customers have the option of availing the services of the professional verification operators for human touch or our automated system, for economy. Reliable compliance with all FCC or other regulatory agencies is ensured.
  • Immediate Access to your Digital Recordings - Live as well as automated verifications are digitally recorded and made accessible instantly over the phone. We may also burn your verifications to a CD and then archive them in our data vault.
  • Professional Consultation - If you need any help with designing your call flow script, we shall fully assist you professionally with the same. On request, we can also customize the Interactive Voice Response call script to meet your verification guidelines, and TPV Rules.


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