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APS provides an unparalleled level of order taking company with their state of art call centre infrastructure. We are aware that many customers do not feel comfortable placing an order for a product over the internet and they demand to speak to an executive over the phone to place an order.  At APS, we are capable of handling immense volume of inbound call traffic 24/7.  Be it a single product or a large catalog with multiple products, APS order taking team performs the task of taking orders in a customized and systematic manner as per the client’s requirements.

With our unique inbound telephone order taking service, our operators will receive phone calls and ensure that a normal caller is converted to a potential customer. These calls are usually taken through the existing toll free number or one that we can supply to our clients. In addition to order taking, our well trained and knowledgeable operators make sure that the callers get the complete idea of what they are buying by answering any questions they ask about the product. We also set up an extensive FAQ database which can be referred to in addition to the learning information about the product catalog.

Using our Inbound Order taking solutions to supplement your in-house staff or even as your only order taking strategy can have a significant impact on your cost and increase in your sales figures. When your infomercial is launched or a customer visits your website who wants to purchase your product,making a call is often the customer’s first option for contacting you in order to place or inquire about your products your services. Our friendly Inbound Order Taking representatives will speak to your customers and satisfy them with their queries. This aspect is very important if your product are complicated or the customer wants more information or clarification about the product before they purchase them. Our Call center order taking representatives will always pick up all your calls with smile on their face.

  • Our inbound order taking call center is open to attend your calls 24/7/365 so that you don’t loose any of your sales call or inbound call.
  • All calls will be answered on your behalf of your company.Summary messages with details of each and every message received on the particular day will be sent to your email or it canalso be emailed to you in real time.
  • Customized call reporting.
  • Enhanced inbound call routing features including automated menu selection and call overflow in place to facilitate cost-effective handling of large call volume spikes.
  • Credit cards are authorized and information are transfered to the client through secured connection.
  • Our inbound sales pitch for order taking ensures highest percentage of conversions from inbound calls, customers information is maintained for future references even if a caller does not place an order. In future same database can be used for outbound calling and generate the lead which will save overhead of marketing in future.

Customer Retention, in today’s competitive environment, it is very difficult to get new clients. APS believes that every contact that a company makes with customers is an opportunity for building business. With the focus on sales, many companies are neglecting customer retention which is not only a profitable strategy but in fact a luxury and necessity. APS stresses on customer care which in turn stresses on customer retention. Our customer retention team work to build loyalty, while maintaining a favorable customer retention rate.

Benefits of APS approach in customer retention:

  • Possibility of continuous business
  • Reduced costs for customer acquisition
  • Fostering greater interaction between business and customer
  • Having more delighted customers

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