Inquiry Handling

Inquiry handling is the basic part of inbound call center service. An inbound call center operates as an information center to answer sorts of customer queries. These information centers offer clients information on products and services. Inquiry handling aids you to double check the information’s about product delivery to the customer and also categorize this information on the basis of the customer attributes and preferred segmentation.

Inquiry Handling Services and Their Features

APS team of well-trained personals manages every aspects of inquiry handling. We have well equipped, state-of-the-art technological infrastructure to offer timely response on telephone, email or website with the help of our talented professionals having the potential to deal with any kind of customer inquiries. With our specialized customer relationship management, our clients are significantly profited as they can wittily mould their products/ services to outfit customer’s current buying pattern and behavior.

APS imparts a tailor made training to it’s agents thus enabling them to have a meticulous understanding of the product or the services and thus deliver the information to customers in an impeccable manner. We have the following methods of inquiry handling:

  • Website response
  • Telephone response
  • Email response
  • Handling information requests of customers
  • Multi-language Voice Response Fulfillment
  • Dealer, Agent or Distributor Locator

The Inbound Call Centers are built with the purpose of having an information center, which handles all sorts of inquiries, made by the customers. Information Center have all the information required for answering the Inbound Calls made by the customers and the professionals handling these calls, have thorough understanding of the products, offered by your company.

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