Help Desk Support Service

Help desk Support services outsourcing provides your customers with our round-the-clock support, and dedicated customer care representatives, without the high costs associated with providing in-house helpdesk services.

As your business grows and develops a substantial customer base, offering help desk support can become overbearing, inefficient and costly.

Developing and maintaining a dedicated call center or providing helpdesk Support is essential to retaining your customers; however, taking on the task without help can drastically reduce your ability to perform and maintain the quality of your product and the enthusiasm of your sales team.

Call center service outsourcing enables your business to provide low-cost and effective helpdesk services with a dedicated and experienced team of professionals. APS is one of the leading help desk service providers, with a proven track-record of assisting our clients and helping their businesses succeed.

APS currently operates a 24/7 help desk and call center, offering a variety of customer oriented services including:

  • Help desk Services
  • Bank and Financial Help desk Services
  • Help desk Services for Schools
  • Customer Relationship Management – CRM
  • Technical Support Services
  • Website Login/Navigational Assistance
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Computer Help desk Services
  • Hardware Help desk
  • Software Help desk
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Internet Help desk
  • Computer Training Services
  • General Product Information Help desk

Our Help desk Support Team

Our helpdesk support team is comprised of qualified customer service and support specialists, software trainers, computer specialists and engineers with diverse backgrounds required to provide relevant technical support to customers. Currently the area of operations revolves around website navigation and troubleshooting, diagnostics, Software, Hardware, installations and setup with a focus on providing dedicated support.

Benefits Include:

* Greatly reducing operating costs
* Improving operations
* Enhancing your company’s service
* Greatly reducing your workload
* Ensuring customer satisfaction


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