Customer Support

Our services and approach to customer Support is special than you’ll find at other call centre solutions. Our starting two weeks of handling calls for a customers, kicks off our research and analytical procedure. During this time the call scripts for your campaigns will always be evolving. At the point we’ve collected sufficient data and call outcomes, we re-write a final version of a script to optimize the outcome on each of these scenarios. Whether your objective is just to walk a caller through step-by-step on how to achieve the best results from your product or whether it is as complicated as determining trigger keywords or judging the tonality of a customers voice to achieve a reduction on your number of charge backs, let us optimize for that.

Through all of this, when a customer gets off of a call with our agents, we want that customer to feel wanted, respected and happy. Even if the customer calls in upset, it is our agents goal to leaving your customer satisfied to the fullest. Even a small change in a way a call is handled and ended can lead to fewer returns, complaints and even charge backs for your company.

Complete Customer Support Care

Our services go beyond the conventional contact center, email and help desk functions. We can help you provide an excellent customer experience throughout your entire sales cycle – from initial contact to order processing and follow up.

This complete care end-to-end commitment to both you and your customer enables us to develop best practices and expertise that we can share. We apply this information to help you:

  • Understand your business analytics
  • Define security processes
  • Conduct market surveys
  • Track subscriber feedback
  • Customize reward marketing programs
  • Cross-train customer service representatives


Inbound Sales

Whether you make your sales direct, through the channel or a combination of both, telesales support is often critical in ensuring that you don’t lose customers. APS devises a customized inbound sales program that will virtually handle projected call volume. Our management staff works closely with our clients to carefully script calls to streamline the order process and maximize conversion. Reviews, and if necessary revision of program is done throughout campaign for constant improvement and internal trainings. In short, benefits of inbound sales at APS are:

  • No matter the size, inbound customer care team can handle inbound sales 24/7
  • Extensive back up of network in times of disaster
  • Advanced call centre software tools for maintaining database and record keeping
  • Excellent scripting and innovative ideas to achieve sales

Well trained and fluent English speaking operators to work with utmost dedication.

We leverage our breadth of experience to provide exceptional customer service, promote customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty through a variety of communication channels. These channels include voice, fax, email, web and correspondence. It’s why APS is the right choice for high-quality customer solutions.

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