Identifying and Understanding Your Business

Delivering a Higher Standard of Excellence

With APS Methodology Services, our teams go beyond simply responding to customer interactions. We become entrenched in your business, learning what resonates most with your customers while identifying areas of opportunity. In fact, we’re so proficient at delivering a higher standard of excellence that several clients look to us for insight when needing to better understand their own business.


Perfect Tailored Solutions

Once we identify an area of opportunity, we provide you with tailored solutions to improve the customer experience and increase your bottom-line performance. Should your organization ever change its area of focus, we are agile enough that we can easily modify our customer care outsourcing or BPO service approach to address your needs. In the end, we look to operate with speed and simplicity without sacrificing quality.

Our in-depth industry expertise, world-class technologies and proven track record enable us to consistently generate higher revenues and profits for our clients.


Customer Oriented and Client Focused

Customer satisfaction resonates throughout the entire APS. From customer service representatives to collectors and from the client services team to the executive team, each APS employee is educated on the importance of consistently delivering the high quality of customer contact our clients require. We determine the best techniques and solutions for measuring customer satisfaction, which can include our own as well as third-party and client-based systems. We offer real-time call monitoring so that our customers – and our own team – can survey the effectiveness of our people and measure customer satisfaction.

Results Oriented

Whether exceeding client revenue goals through accounts receivable management or improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through customer relationship management, APS team of customer contact professionals make generating client results their number one goal. Our incentive based culture ensures the APS team is highly motivated to reach our clients’ objectives and provide the top quality customer contact they require.

Quality Assured

APS consistently receives the highest ratings from our clients for quality and customer satisfaction. We have created a state-of-the-art Quality Center, which features centralized monitoring in controlled environments, with a dedicated quality assurance staff to regularly measure and improve the quality of our services.


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