IT Infrastructure

APS has the best in class IT infrastructure.

Telecom & IT Infrastructure:

  • Best in class Desktops, Servers, Networking equipments etc.
  • 24/7 in-house support team & established escalation process.
  • Monitoring & failure notification via e-mail and SMS.
  • Adequate inventory of spares maintained in-house, ensure minimum downtime.
  • On-demand Broadband Internet Connectivity from multiple ISPs.
  • Telephone lines from multiple telecom providers.
  • Telecom infrastructure is a mix of Fixed Wired & Wireless, GSM & CDMA.
  • Constant review of rapidly changing technology resources.


Physical Security

  • Cameras for monitoring
  • Premises are guarded 24×7 by security guards.
  • Fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.


Network Security

  • Firewall & Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • Secured V-LAN for Separate Clients
  • VPN for remote access to senior personnel & clients.
  • Antivirus and Anti-Spy protection
  • Constant review of security policy.
  • Complete security of all kinds of data.
  • Daily backup and offsite storage at different secure locations


Our IT infrastructure is proficient in terms of Internet connectivity, power, proximity to key amenities, talent availability, quality of employee, costs, state receptivity along with law & order. With a wide range of technical services, there is no challenge too big or too small for APS. From custom reporting to custom call centre applications, our IT department can create a solution for you that will help you optimize your sales potential and customer service levels.

In a world where boundaries have diminished and the opportunity for growth presents itself everyday, APS has invested tremendously in its technology to ensure that nobody gets left behind. Combine call centre 24/7 support with friendly and courteous agents and thats why APS is an industry leader when it comes to technology in the call centre industry.


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